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Your Project Board

2017 girls finishing touches on project 1Your display (project board) is a visual representation of your topic and research. In order to create a display that presents your topic and findings as clearly as possible, we suggest you:

  1. Label the sections and arrange them logically.
  2. Include: background information, problem, hypothesis, procedure, results and conclusions.
  3. Photos:  use photographs to show the procedure (no identifying faces in photos - you may cover faces with a sticker).
  4. Printing:  Use large, bold printing or typing.
  5. Color-code the studies variables.
  6. Reference your logbook for critical information or data.
  7. Acknowledge those who advised, assisted you, or wrote your log book for kindergarten and those not able to do so. Do this in general terms such as my teacher or my parent, etc.
  8. Computer-generated materials are acceptable for the display board.
  9. How will you be judged?  Review the scoring rubric - make sure you have all the  components for a blue ribbon project!

NOTE: It is important the identity of anyone involved in the project NOT be on the display or in the logbook, nor should your school or district name or identity be present.

Display Rules

The following display rules ensure safety for the viewer, prevent the loss of students’ valuable or valued items, and assure equity of display area and compliance with federal regulations:

Project Display

Super Shopper

Are you looking for a display board? Sometimes your school will order boards in bulk.   You can also find the boards locally at stores like:   Office Depot ($7.99 each), Walmart ($8.95) and Target (3.25) (Prices from internet - may vary in stores). 

gold dollar signSaving Tip: 
Science Fair boards are available at:
Dollar Tree - boards for $1
Michael's for $6.50; however, go to their app on your phone (Michaels coupons) and take advantage of their "one item only 40% or 50% discount."  If you have more than one child, purchase the boards separately to take advantage of the discount.


If you have questions, contact your school science teacher. 
If you need further assistance, contact
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fair Director, Academy of Science - St. Louis Science Fair 314-533-8291