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2021 SF All proj efair


St. Louis leads the way!  Since 2010, the Academy of Science has had an e-fair component each year with the same ribbon placement and special awards as the students who bring their projects to Queeny Park.  St. Louis has led the way with the first e-fair in the nation which translates to a solution during COVID-19 emergency!

As always, students register their projects and receive their sequence number.  Material that is usually on the poster and tlogbook is uploaded as a pdf or powerpoint.


2020 E-Fair "How To" Video





E-Fair Rules
  1. Rules:  The project (experiment, research, etc) must be completed following all of the rules of the Academy of Science -  St. Louis Science Fair. 
  2. APPROVAL:  All projects need their Research Plan approved BEFORE beginning research or project.  Click here for the Research Plan Guidelines
  3. NEW for 2021 Scoring sheet (Rubric) for NEW K-12 Research Paper Category!
    OVERVIEW:  NEW Research Paper Category is for students who want to investigate bacteria, virus, mold, fire or hazardous materials.  If a student is interested in bacteria, virus, mold, fire or hazardous materials, they are not allowed to handle, sample or test bacteria, virus, mold, fire or hazardous materials.  However, they can study data that is available from reliable sources and submit a Research Paper.  Click here for Reserarch Paper score sheet.
  4. Students may not submit more than one project
  5. SAFETY (see safety page for complete safety guidelines): 

    2021 SF Safety Form and Rules REV 9.30.20 
  6. Two files must be turned in (uploaded) with each e-fair project:
    1. PowerPoint for the Project Presentation - The presentation file (powerpoint) will have approximately 10 slides or pages. It should contain everything that would normally have been displayed on your project board. Pictures, text, and scanned drawings are all acceptable. Please follow the same rules as for projects that are presented on boards. 
      You will upload your powerpoint for judging.
    2. Word Document for the Log Book - The word document is you log book. See log book in website for general guidelines.  You will upload your word document logbook for judging (approximately 10 pages).
      1. (Log Book needs to contain (sign and scan the safety form and add to your log book - important worth 10 points).
      2.  Click here to view a sample logbook.
  7. FOR RESEARCH PAPER DIVISION, you will upload just 1 file, which is limited to 5 pages double-spaced.  Upload as a word doc or pdf.
  8. Register:  You must register your project online with the Academy of Science -  St. Louis Science Fair, between September 1, 2020 - March 18, 2021.  When registering your project, you must select the "Electronic" option.  You will receive a sequence number, print this out or write it down
  9. Upload:  Once your project has been registered, you must upload your documents before April 21, 2021. 
  10. Results  Watch the Academy of Science - St. Louis Science Fair home page on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 for your ribbon placement and special awards! In the spirit of e-fair, an electronic certificate will be sent to your e-mail address. 

    2021 SF Flyer REV 9.28.20




If you have questions, contact your school science teacher. 
If you need further assistance, contact
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fair Director, Academy of Science - St. Louis Science Fair 314-533-8291